Thursday, November 6, 2008

Solar Energy to Enterprise


Whether you want to monitor a single solar energy system, a building, or an entire enterprise, Noveda Technologies provides instant access to critical systems information through three award winning products: SunFlow Monitor, EnergyFlow Monitor and Facilimetrix

For live demos of each, click on the product page links!

Each web-based product provides comprehensive and detailed information about your building's energy performance through easily readable graphics displays.

Your efforts in sustainability and commitment to renewable energy are important to your community, your employees, and your clients. Inform, educate, and motivate everyone who interacts with your business through kiosk displays and web access to real-time data about your conservation efforts. Dynamic visualizations will not only inform those around you about your efforts but engage them in participating in achieving your goals for environmental stewardship.

Noveda Technologies Energy Monitor Systems allow you to:

Monitor and track whole building energy consumption

Benchmark your building’s current energy consumption against a comparitive Energy Star building model, building

    energy model, previous utility bills, or energy reduction target

Store historical data and reports of electrical consumption, demand, weather and other critical elements

Establish your building’s carbon footprint

Track the impact of energy savings initiatives

Achieve LEED-EB and LEED-NC performance measurement, enhanced metering and measurement, and verification credits

Inspire employees to conserve energy

Building Owners and Managers can now:

Provide real-time information about temperature set points, overrides versus actual readings

Assign a facility performance index to your building based on information from your building’s energy management

    system and building’s energy usage

Identify which building(s) in your portfolio are using energy efficiently and providing a comfortable work environment

    and ones that may need attention

Verify results of energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, service contracts, or compliance with energy

    or carbon footprint reduction goals

Expose hidden building performance information in the building management system

Energy Usage Modeling (Based on Historical Data and Trend Logging)

Noveda Technologies' Products:

Maximize system performance and efficiency through real-time monitoring

Provide real-time information about your energy production, energy consumption, greenhouse gases and weather

Send real-time alerts via email and text messages regarding system and component performance

Increase your ROI - Return On Investment

Complete renewable energy credit management including auto submission to your state or utility

Automate billing information for PPA providers

Inspire energy conservation through awareness of electricity use and encourage more energy efficient behavior


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