Friday, October 31, 2008

31TanneryProject Press Release

Ferreira Construction Building Maintains 'First Net Zero Electric' Status

BRANCHBURG, N.J., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Ferreira Construction on July
12, 2008, located at 31 Tannery Road in Branchburg NJ, has once again
maintained its " First Net Zero Electric Commercial Site in the US"
building status during their second year of occupancy. 31 Tannery, built in
2006, is a 41,508 sq. ft. shop/office building that serves as corporate
headquarters for Ferreira Construction, The Ferreira Group, and Noveda
Technologies. The building consists of a 2-story 15,318 sq. ft. office wing
and a 26,190 sq. ft. garage/shop area used for servicing Ferreira
Construction's heavy road and highway equipment, as well as a fleet of
trucks and SUV's.

What sets this building apart from its contemporaries is the
installation of a roof mounted 223 kW grid-tied photovoltaic system, high
efficiency HVAC systems, solar domestic hot water system, and a proprietary
web-based real-time building energy monitoring called SunFlow(TM) Monitor.
The photo voltaic system consists of 1,276, 175-watt solar panels connected
to two 100 kW 277/480V AC three-phase inverters. The inverters in turn are
connected to the building's main power and distribution panel. To date, the
PV system has met 100% of our building's electrical needs.

This project was feasible thanks to incentives provided through the New
Jersey Board of Public Utilities and New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.
Ferreira Construction's President, Nelson Ferreira, reinforces the
principle of sustainability within the commercial building sector by
successfully achieving its second year of Net Zero Electric status. "We are
committed to continuous commissioning of any renewable energy project to
ensure efficient results not only in its first day but during the life of
the project."

At our first year anniversary of July 12, 2007, the PV system had
generated 16,800 kWh more in electricity than the building had consumed,
thus making 31 Tannery the first 'Net Zero Electric' building in the United
States. Our second anniversary, July 12, 2008, has just passed and we are
pleased to announce that once again we have maintained a "First Net Zero
Electric Building" status. At our second anniversary date, the PV system
had generated an excess of 21,120 kWh of electricity since its inception
which equates to one month's worth of electric consumption.

"By taking advantage of the incentives available through New Jersey's
Clean Energy Program, Ferreira Construction was able to create an
innovative combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency
technologies that allowed the company headquarters to achieve 'Net Zero
electric status' for the second year in a row," said Jeanne M. Fox,
President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. "Ferreira's success
demonstrates that investing in clean energy is good for business and good
for the environment."

All three companies; Ferreira Construction, The Ferreira Group, and
Noveda Technologies, have grown in workforce during their second year of
occupancy at 31 Tannery. This resulted in more computers, additional
computer servers, and increased air-conditioning loads when compared to our
first year of occupancy. However, because 31 Tannery had incorporated high
efficiency HVAC systems and renewable energy at the time the building was
designed, we were able to increase our electric surplus even during our
second year of occupancy.

Perhaps the biggest component in helping us maintain a Net Zero
Electric building status at 31 Tannery was the installation of Noveda
Technologies(TM) real-time energy monitoring system SunFlow(TM) Monitor.
SunFlow(TM) Monitor through an outstanding graphics display, shows in
real-time PV solar production, building electrical consumption, electricity
exported to the electric grid, and electricity imported from the electric
grid. In addition, SunFlow(TM) maintains a data base of all energy
measurements allowing building staff to analyze building energy usage over

With the inclusion of SunFlow(TM) Monitor at 31 Tannery, "Net Zero
Electric" is brought to "life". People can actually see the results live on
a screen versus being buried in monthly electric bills. 31 Tannery has
garnered an enormous amount of attention from building owners, corporate
executives, architects, and engineers from around the country. Due to the
net zero status at 31 Tannery, Noveda Technologies(TM) has been able to
capitalize on this unique distinction. "The 31 Tannery Building has become
an international showcase for Noveda Technologies(TM). We have developed
distribution and partnership relationships which will enable us to scale
our web based energy monitoring products to many thousands of buildings
over the next year." said Noveda Technologies(TM) President and CEO Daniel

About Ferreira Construction;

Ferreira Construction is a large Heavy Highway, Road and Bridge
Construction Company. From its 42,000 square foot headquarters located in
New Jersey, Ferreira serves the tri-state area. Ferreira also maintains a
Southern Division office which serves the State of Florida. Founded in 1988
Ferreira Construction has become a leader in the industry with a bonding
capacity of $100 million and nearly 100 road and bridge projects to its

About Noveda Technologies Inc.;

Noveda Technologies provides hosted, web-based solutions that monitor,
diagnose, and track the performance of all conventional energy, renewable
energy, and buildings' mechanical -- environmental systems in real time.
Whether it's a single solar energy system, a building, or an entire
enterprise, Noveda Technologies provides instant access to critical systems

Noveda Technologies patent pending SunFlow Monitor(TM), EnergyFlow
Monitor(TM) and Facilimetrix(TM) enables real-time monitoring, reporting
and diagnosis of all the facility systems.

A few of our clients include Liberty Science Center, Atlantic County
Utility Authority, Newark Public Schools, as well as Ferreira
Construction's first net zero electric facility.

SOURCE Ferreira Construction

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